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Pierre DeHart by AzureTornadoKick93 Pierre DeHart by AzureTornadoKick93

A wrestler with a strong amount of lineage in the 80's in the world of professional wrestling known for his strong work either as a heroic babyface who gained the respect of the people or an edgy heel who was at war against America he is perhaps one of the most recognizable faces in pro wrestling for his campy antics that is reminiscent to the cartoon character The Hooded Claw, and surprisingly worked the 1990's and gained iconagraphy among the likes of Tizoc, King, Amour King, Zangief, Hugo Andore, Muscle Power, and Raiden. However, his career have reached issues in the 2000's as the last organization he would work with in the United States that he would work with would be at the near end of it's lifespan hired him, and offered a large contract to him, but the large amount of hype would be for naught as his character and reputation would be butchered beyond belief, to the point where he had to go into hiding from the public eye for half a decade in the United States. In 2005 he would compete in many independent companies, and would find strong success in various independent organizations to then work his way up to become a Heavyweight Champion. As he received a contract to go to an organization to finish off his wrestling, he also like his friends Jeane Jéricho and El Muerte receives invitations to the Bloodrich Invitational to promote the debut of their faction.        

Full name: Pierre DeHart
Birthdate: July 9, 1969 (Age 45)
Birthplace: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Height: 6' 9"
Weight: 328 lbs
Family/Relatives/Friends: El Muerte (Friend/Rival/Tag Partner), Jeane Jericho (Friend/Rival/Tag Partner), Hwa Jai (Associate/Supplier), Big Bear/Raiden (Rival/Friend), Tizoc (Friend/Associate), Poison (Associate/Friend), Hugo Andore (Friend/Associate)
Job/Occupation: Professional Wrester
Likes: Watching over her mentors/friends/partners, clubs, feeding his family, his fans, his gimmick, dragon liquid
Dislikes: Jobbers, Getting conned, people having him switch to his persona out of fear, his alcoholic past, Zangief
Hobbies: Marksmanship, Hunting
Favorite Food: Dragon Liquid, Pancakes, Eggs, Potatoes, Bacon
Forte in sports: Weightlifting
Favorite Music: Rock, Country 
Fighting Style: Professional Wresting/Street Fighting
Voiced By: Steven Blum (Jack Caiman (MadWorld))
Stage theme:… (Normal Theme)… (Arranged Theme)

Fighting Stance: Azrael's stance in Blazblue: Chronophantasma

Pierre DeHart belongs to :iconazuretornadokick93:

Grab Moves:

-One-Handed Chokeslam: Left-or-Right + P (He grabs her opponent by the neck, and proceeds to Chokeslam her opponent in a similar fashion to the professional wrestler Kane)

-Basic Suplex: Left-or-Right + K (He grabs and performs a basic Suplex)

Special Moves:

-Hidden Shot: RDP + P (Like Hwa Jai, Chin Gentsai, or any token drunken fist character's drinking move, it enhances the power of the characters move by 1.5 percent you can hold up to 6 shots of Dragon Liquid as your attacks will be 9 times as strong when maxed out)

-Falling DDT: DP + P (Pierre's anti-air move, he jumps into the air and grabs her opponent's head, but in the EX version it is like an airborne version of Alex's DDT from Street Fighter 3)

-Uppercrust Knee: DP + K (He delivers a rushing knee but depending on what button is used, LK he rushes his knee upward as an anti-air attack, MK it is similar to Sagat's Tiger Knee, In the HK version he performs a running knee similar to Triple H and Arn Anderson)

-Bunkhouse Knuckle: Hold P for 4 seconds (It is similar to Cody Travers Zonk Knuckle from Street Fighter 4)

-Le Big Boot: Left-Charge-Right + K (He braces back and gets on  bended knee then in a split second delivers a traditional big boot attack in wrestling, but in the EX version after the attack lands when the opponent is on the ground he stomps on his opponent's crotch)

-Canadian Lunardriver: 360 + P (He performs the Pump-handle Slam it's a performed in the same fashion only performs a German Suplex, then performs a second German Suplex as he gets up, and finally picks up his opponent and sets his opponent in the Tombstone Piledriver, but jumps and spins with his opponent in multiple revolutions in the air and completely spikes his opponent's head to the ground. However depending on which button the move is used differently (LP=Pumphandle to German Suplex (Spins 3 revolutions in the air midescreen)), (MP=Pumphandle to Second German Suplex to Spinning Tombstone Piledriver (Spins 5 revolutions in the air covering the clock on the screen then completes the move), (HP=Performs the move like in the MP version only more powerful (He proceeds to perform the MP Version of the only he jumps off-screen for 5 second then lands the move) (EX Version=Performs the move like the HP Move only jumps off-screen for 3 seconds then lands the move))

-Canadian Cyclone Powerbomb/Canadian Spikedriver: 360 + K (Similar to Zangief's 360 + K move depending on how far you are you get a given move, when your are one second away in your running animation Pierre will perform a superpowered version of Petey Williams' Canadian Destroyer Piledriver move only after the flip he lands on his feet then jumps while holding his opponent and performs 3 revolutions in the air and powerbombs his opponent. But after 3 seconds he grabs his opponent and performs a Spike Piledriver onto his opponent and puts his opponent on the opposite side of the arena)

-Howitzer Dropkick: Hold K for 4 seconds (Similar To Raiden/Big Bear's Dropkick move only a pink aura appears on his feet as he attack)

Desperation Moves:

-Full-on Dragon Shot: QCBx2 + P (Like Chin Gentsai and Hwa Jai, he will fill up all six stocks which would make his attacks 9 times stronger, however you gain access to a 3rd Grand Finale finisher when maxed out)

-Final German Armageddon Buster: 720 + P (He proceeds to perform Canadian Lunadriver, After performing the Pumphandle Slam he performs 2 more German Suplex then as lifting his opponent up he proceeds to perform the Backbreaker onto her opponent similar To Zangief's Ultimate Atomic Buster then proceeds to set his opponent up for the Tombstone Piledriver, jumps in the air Standing Moonsault fashion as he jumps off-screen spinning multiple revolutions in the air for 4 seconds then lands the Tombstone Piledriver, in the EX version he lands it two more times and bounces his opponents head on the ground twice)

-Northern Lights Assault: QCFx2 + K (He proceeds to perform all 3 versions of the Uppercrust Knee, then performs Le Big Boot to finish the move, but however he then performs the Bunkhouse Knuckle to juggle his opponent then finishes the assault with a powerful Howitzer Dropkick only in a drill fashion like M.Bison's Psycho Crusher in Street Fighter Alpha, in the EX version the Howitzer Dropkick has the feel of M.Bison's NEO Psycho Crusher)

Grand Finale Finishers:

-German Armageddon Buster: 1080 + Px3 (She grabs her opponent and readies for the German Suplex, only she jumps in the air with her opponent an spins off-screen to Earth's Skies as he sets up for the Tombstone Piledriver, but as he sets up for the German Suplex everything slows down as it transitions to a anime like cutscene like Hugo's Ultra II Megaton Press in Ultra Street Fighter IV, then comes down like a comet down at the ground a he and the opponent feel the heat as he lands the Tombstone Piledriver)

-Dirty Impaler: QCB, HCF + Px3 or Kx3 (It is a counter-move, he starts by getting on his knees begging for the opponent not to hurt him, but when an attack lands he swiftly pokes his opponents eyes, then grabs his opponent's neck then tosses his opponent up, then readies his fist covered with brass knuckles, and waits for his opponent to land crotch first in the Px3 version, in the Kx3 hen hit he spits out his Dragon Liquid in his opponent's eyes, then as the opponent is turning around he kicks his opponent's rear end, then casually lays back and lifts his left foot up and waits for his opponent to land crotch first on his boot)

-Red-Hot Stinger: (Near Opponent and his Dragon Liquid Meter filled) HCBx2 + Px3 (He proceeds hit his opponent with his Dragon Liquid glass bottle over his opponent's head then like Stone Cold Steve Austin he delivers the Stone Cold Stunner, then following the move he set his opponent up for the Sharpshooter in a similar fashion to Sting and sets it up as his opponent passes out to the pain then casually puts his robe back on holding his belt in victory)

Pierre DeHart belongs to :iconazuretornadokick93:

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