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El Muerte by AzureTornadoKick93 El Muerte by AzureTornadoKick93

El Muerte....The Reaper of Mexico and the Current Mexican Cruiserweight Champion... 

Alberto Santisto III...trained by his father Alberto Santisto Jr. whom would go on into his career to be the first person to hold the identity of El Muerte..."The

Grim Reaper of Mexico". His father in the wrestling circuit in the 1970's. Alberto Santisto Jr. world go on to have a strong legacy and track record in his career

before retiring winning multiple championships, winning various wrestling tournaments that would give his family their very large fortune, and became one of

the many Masked Luchadors that became a big inspiration to lace up their boots and enter the squared circle. One person who has admired his father for

years whom also wanted to become a professional wrestler is his daughter Amy and his son Alberto. As the 1990's arrived after graduating from college and

obtaining his degree he would go on to train with his father and going to the gym to be a professional wrestler. However, at the start of his career he has a

rather weak record as the 2nd El Muerte carrying many of his father's mannerisms that worked in the past, but in the 90's. However, in a way he received

mixed reactions as he was perhaps too kid appropriate for his day in age in the '90's so at some point he had to change his image to appeal to a much

broader audience whom was watch wrestling in the 1990's with strong influences with the Rock N' Roll genre and taking influences from wrestlers like Sting

and La Parka. He has gained some strong distain from fans since his debut even his father and his sister (Both for the moment) however, in due time with

him showing his very exceptionally improved moves he has great reception from the people who once bashed him and his family. In due time he would win

multiple Tag Team and Cruiserweight championships, winning many tournaments all around the world. In due time he is competing in the states in a

wrestling organization, but however his drive has been lacking despite being hyped he did not live up to due time he would gain his stride back by

getting in a rivalry (At the time as a face) against the Former Canadian Heavyweight Champion (A heel) "Dirty" Pierre DeHart. However, together in two

months would form a heel tag team and would dominate the division following the rivalry and would also win the titles that they compete for the

World Heavyweight and Cruiserweight championship respectively. In due time the two would add another member to their stable in the form of a new

women's wrestler joining the American Wrestling company at the time coming from France in the form of the Women's Champion of France Jeane Jericho

whom at the start was an popular face at the time....but after winning the championship she would become the new member and valet of the World Powers

and in turn she and her fellow members won all the gold. However, on screen and behind the sceens El Muerte and Jeane would become quite the

item...however he would become infatuated with the French beauty. The announcement of Bloodrich Invitational the veteran wishes to do two things upon

winning the tournament not only to promote their faction...but also to fund the money to court the young Jeane Jericho in holy matrimony. He packs his

equipment to prepare for The Bloodrich Invitational.


Full name: Alberto Julio Manuel Rafael Santisto III

Birthdate: October 13, 1977 (Age 36)

Birthplace: San Luis Potosí, San Luis Potosí, Mexico

Height: 5'6

Weight: 154 lbs

Family/Relatives/Friends: El Muerte I (Father/Teacher), "Dirty" Pierre DeHart (Rival/Tag Partner), Jeane Jericho (Rival/Best Friend)

Job/Occupation: Pro Wrester, Musician, DJ

Likes: Jeane (In love with), Women, "Touching" Jeane, Wine, Money, His custom chair shaped guitar, His Fangirls,

Dislikes: Mainstream Musicians, People that proclaim he worships Satan, Satanists

Hobbies: Performing at his concerts with his band

Favorite Food: Churros, Pizza, Wine

Forte in sports: Fútbol

Favorite Music: Heavy Metal, Punk Rock

Fighting Style: Lucha libre

Voiced By: Philip Anthony Rodriguez  (Jetstream Sam(Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance))


Stage theme:… (Normal Theme)… (Arranged Theme)

Fighting Stance: Similar to Robert Garcia's Stance in Neo Geo Battle Coliseum/King of Fighters XI

Grab Moves:

-Hurracanrana: Left or Right + P (He performs a traditional Hurracanrana like similar professional wrestling fashion)

-Asistente Luminoso: Left or Right + K (He rushes at his opponent and hits his opponent with a powerful knee attack similar to a Shining Wizard in professional wrestling)

Special Moves:

-Irish Whip: HCF + K (He puts his opponent into an Irish Whip in a similar fashion in professional wrestling)

 -Turnaround: Back + K (He pulls his opponent back to Irish Whip his opponent to the other side or to perform one of his follow-ups)


  -Reaper Splash: Forward + P (As he pulls her opponent back then performs a jump-from-the-ground body press)

  -Tornado DDT: Back + P (He runs at her opponent and proceeds to grab his opponent in the move pro wrestling style, spins 10 revolutions, makes it look like his opponent is gonna Suplex him and performs and stick his opponent with a Tornado)   

  -Muerte Dropkick: Forward + K (He rushes at his opponent and performs a standing dropkick. However, he braces back before performing the dropkick)

  -Evade to Superkick: Back + K (He rushes through his opponent in a split-second and proceeds to deliver a powerful Superkick to his opponent in a similar Fashion like Shawn Michaels' Sweet Chin Music)

-Smackdown Combo: Down, Down + P (He proceeds to deliver a powerful punch to the gut at his opponent to start off his combo it has to be in the same direction)


  -Superman Punch (Facing Right) Punch: Up + P (He jumps forward and delivers power Superman Punch MMA style to stagger his opponent)
  -Uppercut : Upper Right + P (Delivers a fierce uppercut to start off his combo)

  -Smackdown Punch: Right + P (Delivers a heavy punch to start off his combo similar to Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in the WWE Smackdown/WWE Series)

  -Swift Uppercut: Downward-Right + P (He delivers a powerful punch similar to the Professional wrestler Kane to stagger his opponent)

  -Low Blow: Down+ P (He proceeds to give a swift quick punch to his opponent's crotch)

  -Eye Rake: Left + P (He proceeds to deliver a rake to the eyes to his opponent)

  -Body Blow: Upward-Left + P (He delivers a powerful body blow to his opponent's midsection)

  -Left Handed Superman Punch (Facing Left): Up+ P (He proceeds to jump in the air, spins in the air, and delivers a Superman Punch MMA style to stagger his opponent)


    -Powerbomb: Up + P (He proceeds to grab his opponent and sets up his opponent, and jumps in the air to powerbomb his opponent to the ground)

    -Ground-n'-Pound: Upper-Right + P (He gets onto his opponent like an MMA fighter and proceeds to punch his opponent 10 times with a succession of left and right punches)

    -Smackdown Punch Cont.: Right + P (Delivers a second heavy punch to start off his combo similar to Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in the WWE Smackdown/WWE Series)

    -Run Set-Up to Bulldog: Downward-Right + P (Similar to Rey Mysterio he proceeds to slide to his opponent, grabs his opponent with his legs)

    -Fruitsmasher: Down + P (He grabs his opponents legs to leave his opponent's crotch defenseless and delivers a powerful headbutt)

    -Punch Set-Up to Stunner: Downward-Left + P (He delivers a powerful punch to the midsection to set up for the Stunner Cutter move)

    -Overhead Toss: Left + P (He grabs his opponents legs to toss her opponent over his head and the opponent lands onto his back)

    -Sleeper Hold: Upward-Left +P (He gets behind his opponent and grabs his opponent by the neck to weaken the opponent)


      -Scorpion Deathlock to STF: (Facing Right) Up + P (He proceeds to set his opponent up for the Scorpion Deathlock submission move then grasps his opponent's feet with his feet he grabs his opponent Crippler Crossface style)

      -Hammer Punch: Upper-Right + P (He sets up his hand like holding a hammer and proceeds to slam his fists down on the opponent's head)

      -Layeth The Smackthdown! Right + P (Like in the WWE/Smackdown series he delivers a staggering punch to weaken his opponent, showboats by raising his hand opening his palm and delivers one final powerful punch to knock down his opponent)

      -Bulldog to Tombstone: Lower-Right + P (As he has his opponent set up for the Bulldog, as he grabs his opponent's neck he flips over his opponent, then sets up his opponent and then spikes his opponent with a powerful Tombstone Piledriver)

      -Figure Four Leg Lock: Down + P (He splits his opponent's legs and then sets up the opponent into the Figure Four Leg Lock)

      -Stunner: Lower-Left  + P (Proceeds to hit his opponent with the Diamond Dust in the Stone Cold Stunner variation)

      -Spinal Tap: Left + P (He jumps backwards and performs the Spinal Tap Corkscrew Moonsault onto his opponent)

      -3600 Hurracanrana: Upper-Left + P (He jumps behind and sits on the opponent's shoulders and flips his opponent backwards and performs a reverse Hurracanrana  similar to the El Fuerte Flying Giga Buster in the Street Fighter series only while grabbing his opponent in the)

-Burning Chokeslam: DP + K (He jumps into the air to grab his opponent by the neck and proceeds to slam the opponent down Chokeslam style)

-Diablon Suplex: 360 + P (He proceeds to grab his opponent, then jumps and sets up his opponent in a similar fashion to a bridging Suplex then grabs part of his opponent's neck and sets his opponent down with the Brainbuster Suplex)

-Diablon Piledriver/Deadman's Fisherman Suplex: 360 + K (Delayable)  (When inputting the move two things can occur her will perform a reverse Tombstone like Spike Piledriver, or grabs the opponents left leg, spins vertically in the air to perform and lands the Fisherman's Suplex and spikes his opponent to the ground)

-Shining Elbow: QCB + P (After a grappling on a downed opponent) (After a grappling move he proceeds to run at his opponent he runs at his opponent, jumps and proceeds to perform an elbow drop)

-Mudhole Stomping: QCB + K (Rapidly on a grounded opponent) (He proceeds to curbstomp his opponent 15 times, 25 times in the EX version)

Desperation Moves:

-Combinación de la Cadena: 720 + P or K (He grabs his opponent and performs a Russian Leg Sweep, a Running Backbreaker, and a Spinning Airborne Tombstone Piledriver. In the EX version he performs 3 Russian Leg Sweeps, spikes his opponent's head with a standing Tornado DDT, performs a strong powerbomb that bounces his opponent, then jumps into the air and spikes his opponent with the airborne Tombstone Piledriver. However, like any grab in the game it can be canceled out with a normal grab.)

-Penitencia Chokeslam: QCFx2 + K (It is El Muerte's Anti-Air Desperation Move, he jumps into the and readies his hand behind him to grab his opponent and when the move connects he grabs the opponent and proceeds to slam his opponent down on his back with extreme force, but in the EX version he gets extra hang-time before slamming his opponent to the ground, then grabs his opponent's leg and slams his opponent Bam Bam style left and right and then gets into a pose and swings his opponent like a rope cowboy style, then throws him upward and drops his opponent with an airborne Chokeslam drop)

Grand Finale Moves:

-Final de Armagedón Suplex: 1080 + Px3 (Upon grabbing his opponent he delivers an airborne Savate Kick, dives at his opponent and tosses his opponent to the opposite side of the arena, then quickly runs to the other side with his guitar chair places the bottom of the two legs on the ground, and as the opponent gets closer to him he spins to the right of it and hit the opponent similar to Rey Mysterio's 619 then stands on the stationary Guitar Chair, then turns the West Coast Pop Hurracanrana he spins around his opponent in Hurracanrana fashion only both fighters are in the air like a helicopter, but he grabs his opponent in the air in a fashion to an Izuna Drop like an ninja, but spikes his opponent with a spinning Tombstone Piledriver. Then celebrates by playing a riff on his guitar as his Fangirls gather to him)

-El Muerte Asaulto Parka: QCF, HCB+ Px3 (He gets into a running stance like he is preparing for a race, disappears for a split second then rushes at the opponent and proceed to attack his opponent, he is so fast you see speed lines with his color scheme and assaults the opponent with punches and Savate Kicks, grabs and spikes his opponent down with the Brainbuster similar King in the Tekken series then he takes off his mask, and grabs his hat and jacket similar to the Professional Wrestler The Undertaker only Latinized as he walks off)

El Muerte Belongs to :iconthetruekofking93:

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RockyJoe Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
So original and that movelist is totally not a huge mess.
AzureTornadoKick93 Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2014  Student Artist
The inspiration was from King from the Tekken series...I had to make the description clear...for his have to press Punch and the same direction...or be unique and press a different directional button...think KOF XIII rules I cancel on of his combo moves with Flash Elbow or Mudhole Stomping
RockyJoe Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I think that movelist is too big and complicated lol.
AzureTornadoKick93 Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2014  Student Artist
Good point....I have a vast...IMAG-I-NATION
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